Doctor Marc Galiano is an Urologist – Andrologist – Oncologist specialising in Peyronie’s disease, surgery of the penis (circumcisions: over 500 operations) and the medical treatment of male impotence.
He practices in his surgery in the 9th arrondissement and operates at the Turin clinic (Paris 8th arrondissement).

Doctor Marc Galiano is also an Urologist – Oncologist surgeon at the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris (Paris 14th arrondissement).
He specialises in robot-assisted coelioscopic surgery (over 800 procedures) and in focal therapy for prostate cancers, over 150 procedures (cryotherapy, focal one Ablatherm), the treatment of prostate adenoma (Prostiva and laser) and, finally, male functional surgery (over 100 penile implants, + 50 urethral slings).